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Abundance By Choice

The dream became a reality (as they do when someone is REALLY determined), and March 2006 saw the launch of the first and "Largest Inspirational Event Ever To Come To Scotland".

We're doing it all again - and it's Even BIGGER!

see; www.InspireScotland06.com for details.

Free videos including Sir Bob Geldof on the website.

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Abundance By Choice

Abundance By Choice started in July 2004, with a cup of coffee with fellow Motivational Speaker Andy Ferguson.  Andy said he so wanted to speak in front of 10,000 people at the SECC* in Glasgow. 

*The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) is probably the largest and best-known conference centre in Scotland.

Instead of encouraging Andy to go and follow his dream, Mike exclaimed "let's do it" - and so the concept was born.

At the next meeting, armed with a blank sheet of paper, Mike said "the company that brings this awesome event to Glasgow has to have a simple name".  He wrote ABC and said "what could that stand for?" - and so "Abundance By Choice" evolved.  The domain-name was available and the baby started to grow.

From there, with Andy's regular encouragement, the "Largest Inspirational Event Ever To Come To Scotland" became Mike's passion.  Every penny went into the project and 20 hour days became a regular element of life.

Without prompting, we received a telephone call advising us the Sir Bob Geldof had heard about the event and wanted to be involved!!

Sir Bob came to "Inspire Scotland"

The dream got bigger and bigger, and focused on two Main events;
1) a two-day inspirational gathering with 12 internationally-renowned speakers, with the goal of inspiring the attendees to live their dreams and giving them the tools to "make a difference"
2) "Inspirational Awards" night.  It occurred to Mike that he had never heard of people being "recognised" to a level that they receive an award for just being themselves.  We all know people that inspire us, and finally Scottish Inspirational talent would be recognised with an awards night.

Go to www.AbundanceByChoice.com for updated information.