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You can contact me by e-mail: StandingOut@Dynamicmike.com.

FREE - Personal & Business Coaching

I decided a long time ago that I wanted to "stand out".  I have been privileged to be able to afford many books, CDs, tapes on Personal Development, and I've attended many seminars and workshops around the world.

I started FREE Personal Development coaching workshops in Edinburgh in July 2002, as my way of "giving back", and ironically the people that I most wanted to be there, have still never turned up.  My lesson was "when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear".  If you're reading this now and believe that you're ready, then maybe fate is working for you now!  don't knock it...ACT!

The second lesson for me was that people place more value on something that they have a financial or emotional interest in.  So the next logical step is to charge £100 and give £110 worth of material.

In 1999 I joined the "Strategic Coach" program, which is specifically aimed at entrepreneurs demonstrating personal income in excess of CDN$250,000pa.
This entails travelling to Toronto, Canada for one day every three months.  Naturally this is an expensive course, and again it appears that those who are furthest travelled are the most committed to getting "value-for-money", and they are generally the most prepared at each meeting.

Invariably within two days of each visit, I have my own "Eureka!"

I now believe and I have proven, that I can help others to achieve their own breakthrough.  I do however ask for a serious commitment, and agreement that the boundaries of your own comfort zone may be breached - how else are you gonna get that growth?

I reckon I can "stand out" from all other personal & business coaches in a number of ways;
a)  By teaching & coaching, I re-install it in my own head & continue to grow.
b)  I believe I will be rewarded in a number of ways, some that I maybe can't even envisage at this moment.
c)  I have a number of unique gifts, knowledge & experiences (successes & failures) to pass on to the willing student.

If you're ready to be coached FREE, click here, and beware....

"Life will NEVER be the same again!"


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