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As well as being involved in many outside groups, I was a member of The Rotary Club of Edinburgh (www.EdinburghRotary.org). 
I have since stepped down from active membership.  However, I am still extremely proud of the various roles I was privileged enough to be involved in.
I was responsible for the events organisation at our "Kids Out" day (2003).  For piccies, click here 

I am also extremely proud to be the founding member and current Chairman of the YES group in Scotland. (www.YES-Scotland.com) and I built and maintained the original website. 
For 2006, we now meet on the 1st Sunday of every month, with the goal of bringing together an awesome force for good.

Especially in the world of Personal Development, we have discovered that there is most definitely a demand in Scotland for a resource that will help us all to develop in every aspect of our lives, Personal, Community and Business.
The synergy of a group presence is very important, and I would highly recommend every individual to be open-minded enough to come along at least once and see for themselves how important it is to be surrounded by the "right" kind of people.  For piccies, click here

I believe that "anyone can donate cash", but a more precious commodity is TIME!!
I am actively involved in raising cash for the British Heart Foundation (bhf) by cycling around the South Island of New Zealand.  I have built a website where you can donate via credit or debit card.  Please pass this weblink on to your friends as soon as you have donated.


Also look at; www.yes-musketeers.com