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For four years, i have been sending "Mike's Monday Morning Motivational Message" (MMMMM)  to friends' mobile phones FREE every Monday morning.
I had to stop in 2005 when my personal outlay reached £400pm (with 1000+ subscribers receving a message every week).  I failed to get sponsorship for the msgs, so i have now found another alternative.

To receive "Mike's Monday Morning Motivational Message" (MMMMM) direct to your Mobile Phone (any country in the world), I am happy to continue this service and simply ask for a small contribution towards the costs.
Please send me an email with your First-name, Surname and mobile telephone number including country code if outside UK to  this link  or email: MMMMM@DynamicMike.com - meanwhile... watch this space as there new developments on the horizon!!!

I love Personal Development of all kinds.  It's only when you start to get involved that you realise there are so many things that we don't even know that we don't know!! 
For example, I know that I don't yet know how to fly a helicopter, or speak chinese, but i don't even know WHAT I DON'T YET KNOW - what a mind-blowing concept!

Personal Development incorporates a HUGE variety of topics including; Speed-reading, Mind-mapping, options-trading, meditation etc.

I have a number of methods for keeping myself up to scratch and also evolving - Tony Robbins calls it "CANI" (Constant And Never-ending Improvement).  Click here to see more