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Abundance By Choice

I have been showing company directors how to make a difference to their business and their staff, simply by introducing a (regular) couple of hours of personal development coaching.

An interesting survey is to ask staff and management alike, the attributes they would look for in a replacement if they were to leave the country for 6months.  The answer tends to be 80% attitudinal, and only 20% skill related! Yet companies tend to concentrate on SKILL TRAINING!

How many companies focus on "Attitude Training"? ? ? ? -  not many!  possibly because they don't know how... well that's where I come in, because that IS my unique ability.

There are many statistics to show the number of days that employers lose when employees are off work, and the costs of those lost hours, as well as the challenge of appeasing discontented staff.  So why spend more money on skills training, before spending on ATTITUDE training?!  -  You know it makes sense!