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Abundance By Choice

I have always been active.  I used to cycle to school every day, and I still love cycling (so much so, that i've planned a cycling trip to raise some cash for the British Heart Foundation - click here to find out more).

I have been kickboxing for the last 10 years.  It's a fantastic way to keep lean and supple.  I learned to unicycle especially for a charity fundraising event, and I find it's a fantastic way to utilise your core (stabilising) muscles.

Q: Does your physical energy affect your everyday decisions and therefore your approach to life?  A: Undoubtedly!

For the last three years I have also been involved in raising charity money for "unfortunate animals", animals that would otherwise be put down, for example v.old horses (just reminded me of a joke... what do you call a donkey with three legs? ...a wonkey!).  We do this via a gruelling and FUN event called "Toughguy".  This is essentially a "Half Marathon Assault Course".
To see the official Toughguy website, click here.  For my piccies, click here.

High Energy

Together with some Personal Trainer & stretching specialists, I have put together a number of presentations on "High Energy".  This is a full weekend event, but we can break it down to a half-day or full-day presentation to get the basic concepts across, and make an IMMEDIATE difference to your life and those around you.
Essentially, I will show you how your Physiology, Language (including self-talk) and Beliefs make all the difference.  I'll then show you a number of methods to de-clutter your life and de-stress.  There are SO MANY aspects to "High Energy", that even a FUN trip to the swing park at midnight, or simply passing on a smile (because you know you can) & waving to some kids looking out the back of a bus, can leave you with that "elated" feeling.  To find out more, please send me an email here. HIGH_ENERGY@dynamicmike.com