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Abundance By Choice

Mike Berry has been involved in Personal Development for the last 14years and has reached a level where he NEEDS to give something back.

By asking you a number of probing questions, designed to make you think, Mike can show you ways to turn your life around - FOREVER!!

Mike relaxing in Toronto

Personal Development Background

Obviously we all have influences and experiences that have brought us to this point.  Our parents, family, neighbours, teachers, friends. And yet each of those people may have influenced us, albeit indirectly, to LIMIT our BELIEFS in OUR own abilities!!!  Possibly because we loved them and respected their opinions so much, we have allowed ourselves to believe and be affected by those LIMITED BELIEFS, and now we have installed our own limiting factors; Fear, Procrastion, Excuses.  Ultimately we impose our own self-limiting beliefs based upon our past experiences and our perception/interpretation of those.

I have spent the last 14 years of my life examing and following the examples and principles set by many of our most successful leaders, past and present.

Of course there are those that can inspire greatness within ourselves, and some that reinforce our inherent belief that we are destined to achieve great success. Some of the biggest influences in my life in this category include;

Tony Robbins (www.AnthonyRobbins.com)
George Zalucki (www.GeorgeZalucki.com)
Jim Rohn (www.JimRohn.com)
Les Brown (www.LesBrown.com)
Peter Sage (www.PeterSage.com)
Brian Tracy (www.BrianTracy.com)
Dr. Richard Bandler and John LaValle (www.PureNLP.com)

I have crewed as a volunteer at many of Tony Robbins' events over the last few years, including Hawaii (during Sept 11th 2001), where I was on the firebuilding team. (44 feet firewalk).

some piccies; click here & here

Toastmasters (www.toastmasters.org)

I have been privileged to hear many fantastic speakers from all over the world, and it occurred to me that there was a common link between many of them... I knew I had to investigate further, and then it just came to me... probably as this seems to be coming to you.  I am now an active member of the Edinburgh Toastmaster's club.

Professional Qualifications

As a Financial Adviser, I am very highly qualified, with fifteen years experience now.  I run my own Independent Financial Advisory (IFA) practice in Edinburgh. www.focuswell.com


For many years, I was heavily involved in ROTARACT.  My association started when I was 18, and my dad as an active Rotarian, decided to reawaken the Rotaract club of Kirkcaldy. 
During my involvement, I was the Club President twice and District Chairman (D1010) - At that time, we had 52 active clubs in Scotland.  I then moved to Livingston where I again became Club President and District Chairman (D1020).  (There are only three districts in Scotland)

We managed to get onto TV a number of times, with some fairly large projects such as a "toy" balloon race (10,000 balloons released, all with my name and address on the labels, for the winner to reply to).  We also did a massive "duck race" using 2,500 tennis balls instead of plastic ducks. We gave the balls away to a school for the disabled.  We were also involved in distributing some of the European Food Mountain.

It really is a fantastic feeling to get TRULY involved and to see the smile on the faces of recipients instead of simply handing over cash.  Indeed as Club President, I developed the motto "Rotaract put the FUN in fundraising", and I insisted that we would never simply "shake a can".  If we were can-shaking, we would do it in fancy dress. 
That way;
1)You could have a laugh 
2)You could create another (fun-loving) persona 
3)Donations come faster when you make someone smile 
4)People probably would never recognise you again (it's not the real you that they see).

                                                                                                               At age 25 I was privileged with an invite to the Queen's Garden Party for my charitable work... to this day, I have no idea who proposed me, but I'll never forget that honour.

I have MANY, many friends from all over the world thanks to Rotaract, and I know that my experience in Rotaract helped to develop my confidence in so many areas.

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